about us


The company JN192 Sp. z o.o. the limited partnership that conducts the investment is part of the RAWLPLUG S.A. Group – the leader in the production of fasteners for the construction industry. The international expansion and the dynamic development oriented Group’s current actions also on building multi-family objects. We use innovative and reliable products produced by Rawlplug to rear up modern and presentable living spaces.

Rawlplug’s mission is to provide reliable and innovative solutions that you can trust. We have been successfully operating on the construction fasteners market for 100 years and every single day we continue to set the direction of development for the global fixings market.

We want to openly share our knowledge and support our customers in choosing the appropriate fixings and preparing projects by guaranteeing the safety and reliability of our products for long-term operation. Due to Rawlplug’s sustainability strategy, which is based on three key pillars: management by values, environmental care, and social commitment, we were able to build an essential fundation for the further process of our business development.